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No. You must be the legal copyright holder (i.e. you are the artist) or have permission from the copyright holder to reproduce the artwork.

All artwork in Canada is automatically copyrighted, whether or not it has the copyright © symbol.

If we do not have reasonable grounds on which to believe that you either are the artist or have permission from the artist, we will refuse to handle the piece.

Copyright law protects everyone's interests: authors, painters, artists, sculptors. It's in everyone's interest to see the law upheld. Please don't ask us to reproduce something illegally; you're asking us to break the law.

There are some things we won't print

We understand that the world of art is diverse and sometimes makes audiences feel uncomfortable. However, we reserve the right to refuse to print art and photography that is pornographic, exploitive, racist or derogatory.

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No. Buying art does not legally entitle you to copy it. You bought the physical art piece, not the copyright (or "right to copy"). The 'right to copy' is still held by the artist unless they expressly (and legally) surrendered that to you when bought it (we'd require proof). This is regardless of whether the piece was bought by you for a large or small amount of money, or was gifted to you.

We will not reproduce art unless you hold the copyright or have permission from the copyright holder.

Some art, due to its age, is in the public domain and can be freely copied. In Canada, most art passes into the public domain fifty years after the death of the artist. Before assuming a piece is in the public domain, do some research.

Please do not press us to reproduce something illegally: you're asking us to break the law.

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