What's the difference?

RGB colour is made up of Red, Green and Blue colours. This is typically used for screen graphics: monitors, handheld devices such as smart phones, and other screens. See

CMYK colour is made up of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black colours. This is also known as process colour, full colour and four colour. CMYK is typically used in inkjet, digital and offset press printing.

Spot colour is made up of whatever inks are chosen or the job. Typically designers will use a black ink plus one, two or more 'spot' inks. We create one press plate per colour, and these are each printed in turn to create the finished image. True spot colour printing can only be done on a press, but many digital devices (inkjet and digital printers, for example) are able to emulate spot colours.

Which one should I use for my files?

It depends entirely on the job.

Production method

Best colour model

Typical examples

Full colour offset press CMYK brochures, fliers, posters, rack cards, some stationery 
Spot colour offset press spot colour stationery, forms,  some posters and promotional printing
Large format inkjet  RGB posters, exhibits, displays, maps
Digital colour CMYK  reports, booklets, business cards, stationery

If you accidentally provide the file with a mismatched colour model, that's fine. Our prepress operators have a lot of experience swapping files from one to the other.

Still confused?

Don't worry about it. Give us a call.

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