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Sometimes clients ask us if they can have the original design files for their job. This normally includes Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and/or Photoshop files. Therer are a few reasons we can't normally provide these to clients:

  1. We're here to help. But…master files are a significant business asset that we have invested in. Handing over our design files to clients is a bit like handing over a strategically importance business asset. There are times when we are willing to supply design files…but these are the exceptions. If you'd like us to make an exception, let us know. We can discuss your needs with you.
  2. Design files usually use proprietary software. This means you need to have the same software we've used to build the file. Even when you do have the correct software, files often depend on fonts or other project assets that we are not legally permitted to distribute.
  3. We're better equipped to design your file. We know our equipment, our capabilities, and the constraints that need to be applied to your job in order for it to run error-free in a commercial press environment. Handing over our design files to a client does not guarantee that the resulting files will be usable in a commercial environment.
  4. When you hire our designers, the "deliverable" product is normally a printed piece or a PDF. There are exceptions (logos, for example, require us to send design files to a customer as it's an inherent and material part of the job), but normally you're hiring us to produce a product which you will own. The master files are just the tools we've used to accomplish that task…and we are not obligated to hand over those tools.

We are here to help, and it is not our intention to make it difficult for you to create what you want to create. If you feel that we ought to make an exception for one or more of your jobs, just ask us. We'll be happy to consider it.

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