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Learn about how we print and produce finished work.

Turn around times depend on a number of factors, including:

  • dimensions
  • quantity
  • finishing (numbering, perforating, scoring, folding, etc.)
  • type of printing (large format, press, digital)
  • paper stock (do we need to custom order stock or can we run from our inventory?)
  • other job aspects

It's best to contact us to determine how much time will be needed for your job.

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Broadly, we have three main print production methods:


This is perfect for short-run colour or black/white productions. Manuals, reports, menus, brochures, postcards, art cards, and so much more. Digital prints use dry toner and can print to a very large variety of papers.

Offset Press

Offset is the workhorse of the print world. We have four offset presses, with capabilities from one colour, two colour and full (four) colour. Offset is used for envelopes, forms, posters, fliers, stationery, tickets and much more.

Large Format

Large format opens the doors for banners, fine art, photography, exhibits, maps, blueprints and so many more projects. We are capable of high quality art and photography printing using pigment inks. One other large format equipment, we can quickly run black/white plans and blueprints.

We can print almost any size you require. But here's the catch: it depends on other aspects of the job, such as production method (press, digital, large format), print stock (sheet size and roll widths) and other factors.

In general:

  • Press-run pieces need to be smaller than a 12" x 18" area.
  • Digital pieces needs to be smaller than a 12" x 18" area.
  • Large-format must have one edge that is 44" or smaller.

This is only a summary. Give us a call and we'll be happy to discuss our capabilities with you.


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