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Yes. But there are some things that you need to understand about the term giclée.

"Giclée" used to refer to an art print that was created on an IRIS printer. It refers to the production method wherein ink is 'squirted' or 'sprayed' through the printer' nozzle onto the paper to make the image.

Today, a huge proportion of art reproductions are done on inkjet printers. So, loosely, the term applies to almost any fine art inkjet print. Normally it is used to refer to an art reproduction that is run on the same media on which the original was created (fine art paper, canvas, etc.) with the intention of creating a reliably accurate copy of the original.

Our art reproductions are usually run on an Epson Stylus Pro 9800, which is indeed an inkjet (i.e. ink spraying through nozzles) technology. That qualifies these to be calle giclée prints.

So the term giclée doesn't actually have a very solid definition or meaning. But by regular usage of the term, any and all of our fine art reproductions can indeed be considered to be giclée prints.

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Print size depends on what we're printing on. Your art must fit the roll width of the media we're printing on. Length is virtually limitless.

  • Our canvas rolls are 44" wide
  • Fine art paper rolls are 36" and 24" wide
  • Photo paper rolls are 44" and 24" wide


We usually tile-scan artwork originals. Because of this, it's difficult to capture originals that are excessively large. Art up to 24" x 30" is getting near to our upper size limit for scanning. Call us to discuss your original.

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